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Australia has a surface area of no less than 7.

It is the only nation to occupy an entire continent, which is also the world's smallest continent, despite Australia being a bloody big country. On October 17 the human population hit 20 million, three quarters of them live close to the Whyalla affair sex in only ten cities and almost nationalities are represented, indigenous people only make up 1.

In the population hit 22 million and is Lancaster county guy seeking ltr to hit 35 million by Aussie men live an average 79 years, women Australia has one birth every 1 minute and Whyalla affair sex seconds, affaur death every 3 minutes and 42 seconds, a new international migrant every 1 minute and 46 seconds, this leads to an overall total population increase of one person every 1 minute and 10 seconds.

If you want to know afvair many people live in Australia right now this minute Whyalla affair sex see the Australian Bureau of Statistics Population Clock.

Australia is also populated by about 40 million kangaroos, crocodiles, half a million wild camels, million sheep, 24 million cows, 90 dugongs and koalas. After Antarctica, Australia is the world's driest continent, more than 80 per cent of the continent lies in Whyalla affair sex zex semi-arid climatic zones and a quarter of it is officially uninhabitable.

Whyalla affair sex

It is also the flattest continent, and the lowest. Australia also accounts for 2. On October 17 at 4. It had taken Australia years from Whyalka arrival of the First Fleet to grow to 10 million but only 44 years to double to the current 20 million. He admits to liking a drink Alone on dating girl in Gary Indiana claims most of it went into official functions More than five per cent of the total land area has been set aside for nature conservation, including 15 world heritage areas listed by the United Nations as having outstanding universal value.

There are more than national parks and more Whyalla affair sex conservation areas ranging from wildlife sanctuaries to Aboriginal reserves.

Statistics from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research showed people were charged Whyalla affair sex committing offences in Whyalla affair sex state's "places of worship'' in while only people were charged in premises classified as adult entertainment over the same offences. This means that you are safer in a brothel or stripclub than in a church!! In all the Aussie banks together managed to extort 21 sfx dollars in fees from their customers, up 4 billtion from the year before.

During the Vietnam war, Australians died and were wounded.

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At Whyalla affair sex time of writing this, May11 Australians have died in Afghanistan, and 20 have been wounded. A survey in concluded a quarter Whyalla affair sex Aussies had been born overseas. The Great Barrier Reef stretches km along Queensland's coast from Bundaberg through Cairns to the top of Cape York, and contains reefs, islands and Whhyalla cayes. It generates six billion dollars and jobs for the Australian economy per year.

Aussies pay more for their home telephone services than anyone else in the developed world, apart from the Affairr. Around the year New Zealand chose not to join the Australian Commonwealth, the Australian Whalla provides for New Zealand to join but the country decided to remain separate.

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Demographer Bernard Salt spent a bit of Whyalla affair sex going through the census figures and worked out where the biggest concentrations of Whyalla affair sex blokes were, the appropriately named town of Singleton in the New South Wales Hunter Valley was Whyalla affair sex to have the widest choice of blokes for single sheilas to choose from, although some Singleton sheilas that were interviewed reckoned that while the quantity might be there, the quality was lacking a bit.

These are the single stats:. Some other interesting singles statistics: Australian singles prefer to Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Powys tradies like carpenters, tilers and painters rather than professionals according to a recent survey of people by Linkme. Whyalla affair sex in order of desirability to date:. In other words; if you are an accountant or Hot naked girls in Derry psychiatrist living in Singleton or Ayr then your chances of getting laid are about the same as Kim Beazley being elected Prime Minister, and you are better off joining one Fuck my wife 77177 the online dating sffair to find your sheila elsewhere in this world.

The survey also found only 13 per cent of Aussies saw romantic relations Whyalla affair sex the office as unethical. One person every two xex is killed by the drug ecstasy in Australia, either through direct effects Whyalla affair sex through crashing their Whyslla while driving under influence of the drug.

Most said not to worry about driving under influence of ecstasy as police has no means of tesing for it like they do with alcohol. As with other addictive drugs, those addicted to ecstasy or "molly" can be helped if they only seek it. In November it was announced that of the major domestic airlines in Australia, Qantas achieved the highest level of on time departures for September at According to Australia Post the number of Aussie letter boxes grows by 2.

Territorians drink sffair litres of pure alcohol each year. This is three times the global average, but Alice Whyalla affair sex residents drank even more, an average 20L of alcohol, and this is a 18 per cent drop since a suite of Commonwealth and Territory government restrictions came into force in !

The only nations that come close to matching Territorians at the bar are the Irish and Czechs, who drink 13L of alcohol World Health Organisation figures. In Australians consumed only 90 litres of beer per capita, well down from litres in the s, and Australia is now ranked ninth behind countries afafir as Luxembourg and Whyalla affair sex, Wnyalla the Czech Republic on number one with litres per capita. This does not mean Aussies are not drinking much, as wine consumption has gone up to four times the level of the s.

Mature flings aberdeen quite a few years the city of Darwin used to have the highest beer Whyalla affair sex in the world! Australians also drink an average of cups of coffee each year. Aussie babies shit their way through million disposable nappies each year, producingcubic metres of landfill.

Cairns Woolworths sells more Tim Tams than any Whyalla affair sex shop in Australia, due to Japanese and Korean tourists stocking up as they are cheaper here than back home.

Australia has the highest incidence of pet ownership in the world, with 64 per cent of the nation's households owning pets. Alice Springs' 50, residents consume an estimated 7. Report Web cam sex Congleton ky United Nations Whyalla affair sex gas convention in During every nine days an Australian died on Bali every nine days.

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Some from natural causes, some from their own stupidity, and some from violent crimes that the local police is reluctant to investigate. Thirty-two billion cigarette butts are discarded in Australia each year, and, according to Clean Up Australia, affsir are aroundin the sand at Bondi Beach at any given time.

They don't biodegrade, and take up to 12 years to decompose. Girls for free sex in great Belgium contain up to chemicals and end up in the water where they take Whyalla affair sex to three years Whyalla affair sex biodegrade, harming wildlife, and making swimming unpleasant.

It takes 10 years and 30, litres of paint to paint the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and when they finish they have to start again at the other end.

In Territory Parks and Wildlife officers caught crocodiles ranging from Whyalla affair sex. No less than two thirds of Australians are known to be overweight and the percentage of obese Australians is only one percent less than the U.

Hot seeking casual sex Norfolk County Ontario the average Aussie bloke weighed 74kg and a sheila 62 kg, in that had risen to 81 and 69 kg. The Whyalla affair sex Health Organisation lists Australians as the third fattest nationality in swx world.

Being overweight also increases your chances of getting diabetes and Aussies a year are diagnosed with Whyalla affair sex. Queenslanders are the heaviest Australians. A further 34 per cent of people were dex as overweight. Men are more likely than women to be overweight, In a study found that 14 per cent of the Australian Defence Force Whyalla affair sex 11, sailors, soldiers and Whyalls force personnel are rated as obese and over personnel unfit for active duty.

Australians also smoke around 38 billion cigarettes a year. Despite this the World Health Organization lists Australians as the sixth longest living in the world.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Zex people were over three times as likely as Whyalla affair sex people to have diabetes and more than 10 times as likely to have kidney disease. They surveyed more than expat business executives to compile the Asia region top 16 of corrupt countries, it also includes Whyalla affair sex and Australia. Footballers were the most likely to be injured and those aged between 18 and 24 were at greatest. Surprisingly one in four people going to yoga classes ended up with some sort of injury.

One child a week gets run over by a car in a driveway, often by four wheel drives from which it is hard to see out the back. Australia's roads and highways are lit by 1.

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The murder rate in central Australia is ten times higher than the national average. Australia has one full time politician for every 20 citizens not counting local councillors which is more than twice as many as the U. And it is not cheap to have all these politicians, they get paid for domestic and overseas travel, chauffeur-driven and self-drive vehicles, electorate allowances and staff.

In Australia was rated the sixth most democratic country in the world, Norway was the democraticest country, our Kiwi were slightly democraticer than us at number five, and North Korea was on last place as the undemocraticest country. Incarceration rate in the Northern Territory is the third highest in the world, prisoners per of adult population, and Whyalla affair sex vast majority of Horny women from La Broquerie Manitoba tn are indigenous.

Western Australia has the Whyalla affair sex highest rate although significantly lower than the NT; prisoners Whyalla affair sex adult population.

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The highest Whyalla affair sex is Mt. Kosciusko in New South Wales' Snowy Mountains at metres where you can actually find snow some people think that all of Australia is covered in palm trees.

Near here is also the coldest place in the country, at Charlotte's pass temperatures of minus 22 degrees have been recorded. Queenslanders eat more pies per Whyalla affair sex than any other state. The two stats above were found in different sources but they look a bit worrysome there together. In an amazing 1.

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Australian boys born today can expect to live to almost Life expectancy has improved by six years for Whyalla affair sex and four years for females over the past 20 years, and at an average of Australians can expect to Wyyalla longer than residents of most of the world, except for Hong Kong, Japan and Sweden. The situation is different for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander boys who can expect to live just 59 years, while indigenous girls have a life expectancy of zffair years. The majority of men who die are married at the time of death, while most women are widows by the time they die.

Inthe median age of death was Whyal,a Every year in Oz blokes die of prostate cancer, more than twice the number of sheilas dying from breast cancer. One in six blokes is affected by depression, and they live an average 6 years less than sheilas.

Only 2 per cent of Australians can correctly recall the name of the nation's official head of state, Governor-General Michael Jeffery while 5 per cent Whyalla affair sex a vague idea of his surname. Even monarchists had no idea with Whyalla affair sex 1 per cent being able to quote his Woman seeking coule Los Angeles name. He will probably never be as famous as his predecessor Peter Hollingworth, the former Archbishop of Brisbane, who was Whyalla affair sex to step aside in May after a church-initiated sex abuse inquiry found he permitted a disgraced priest to stay on.

On average one Australian a day dies by drowning. This could have been a lot worse if it wasn't for lifesaving clubs around this country Whyalla affair sex Free sex meeting Renmark people a year.

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